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Self Doubt, Not Allowed! | Caramel Tobacco Scented Candle

Have you ever found yourself doubting if you are making the right decision, if you can do something, etc?  You are doubting your self.  Never doubt yourself.  Use your experiences and lessons learned to do what you think is best.  

    The Self Doubt, Not Allowed candle should be a staple to your mornings or just your not so confident days to reinforce those senses that allow you and only you to know and make the best decisions for you.  Enjoy the luscious sent of Caramel Tobacco as you light this candle.

    Top Notes:  Buttery Caramel, Sweet Tobacco

    Middle Notes: Spice

    Base Note: Earthy & Wood Essence


    Wax: Plant Based- Vegan, 100% All Natural Wax (Coconut/Soy/Palm Blend

    Wick: Premium Wood Wick

    Scent: Enticing Scent, Quality Ingredients

    Weight/Burn Times:

    10.5oz = 80+ Hour Burn Time


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