• Wooden Wicks

    Our candles are made with premium Wooden Wicks. The Wooden Wicks provide a soft crackle and pop sound reminiscent of a lit fireplace

  • Luxurious Scent

    Richly Scented products providing Excellent Scent Throw

  • Hand Crafted

    Every product is made in small batches and hand poured to provide you with a product of the highest quality.

Instantly lift your spirits and intrigue your senses with
the Positive Emotions our products provide via Scent and Positive Affirmations!

At EvEr DeSh Candle Co...

We whole heartedly believe that positive affirmations confirmed with scent lead to our 3 P's: Positive Thoughts, Positive Speech and Positive Actions

We want to inspire, uplift and cherish you through your
sense of smell and sight!