I am a Mother of 2, Dog Mom and Entrepreneur!  I love the art of Candle Making, Smell Goods (all things that smell good) lol and Positive Affirmations! 

EvEr DeSh Candle Co. was founded in 2020 in the kitchen of my home and is inspired by my love of candles and belief in positive affirmations. EvEr DeSh Candle Co. has quickly outgrown my kitchen and now has it's own dedicated space in my home.

Instantly lift your spirits and intrigue your senses with a sense of self pride through the positive affirmations our scented candles bring. We whole heartedly believe that positive affirmations confirmed with scent lead to our 3 P'sPositive Thoughts, Positive Speech and Positive Actions

At EvEr DeSh Candle Co., we create an atmosphere where positive thinking  and luxurious scents collide to empower you to get through each and every day!

Our candles are:

  • Made with 100% natural wax (Coconut, Soy & Palm)
  • Made with Wood Wicks that
    • Provide an excellent scent throw
    • Provide a soft crackle and pop sound reminiscent of a lit fireplace.
    • Provide less soot than traditional wicks

We want to inspire, uplift, and cherish you through your sense of smell and sight!